World Wide Chaos = Local Instability

If you are like me, you are witnessing all of the violent events across the world, and wondering what comes next.

As a seasoned security person, I know that anything of significance that happens in one place, inevitably impacts everything else in one way or another.  Right now, there is increasing instability in what laws are, whether or not they are legitimate, and who will enforce their observance. This can only mean bad things for the Information Security world.

Higher levels of chaos can only be bad news for the online world, and as a result, renewed vigilance is needed now more than ever.  Tighter access rules, closer looks at logs, more attention to detail.  Certainly, complacency is an expensive luxury these days.

The well-worn statement really applies – for Information Security to be effective it needs to be right 100% of the time, but for the hacker community, they only need to be right once.


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