Are GDPR Changes Coming?

If you have been following the recent set of measures enacted by the EU for the protection of information you are probably wondering whether, given the recent BREXIT vote, what will be likelihood that the new EU Security Measures will be facing some changes in the near future.

After glancing at some of the provisions identified in the GDPR, I’ve been wondering whether some of the strict measures it spells out may end up being changed or watered down in light of this new shift of emphasis within the EU.

Although the BREXIT vote was mere days ago, it seems that there is a broader movement on the continent by other EU countries who are yearning for the days where they had more autonomy.  That being the case, holding together a set of measures of the magnitude of the GDPR, may prove more difficult than the crafters may have thought.

The months ahead will tell whether this will be the case.  I for one am always interested in seeing whether such far-reaching measures ever fully succeed, or just act as a place-holder for the next round of measures.  Clearly, the GDPR is a move in the right direction, but whether or not there is teeth in it, and that the teeth that it has can effectively be used to protect privacy may be an open issue.

As the old saying goes, “anyone can steer a ship on quiet seas, but it takes an experienced hand to handle the wheel during a storm”.