Are We There Yet?

I must admit that I have been ‘laboring’ away on a book about Security. In fact, I’ve been doing this for more than four years, but you wouldn’t know it from the body of work I’ve completed so far.
In the beginning I was inspired with the ‘fever’ of the prospect of writing a book. Little did I know it would not be what I expected it to be.
Compiling the basic information was relatively easy, as was the first iteration of the table of contents, but as I worked to flesh out the book things grew progressively complicated.
Information security has a lot of moving parts, and when you start trying to piece them all together it becomes clear that you are working with many different puzzles and many different pieces.
At first I felt I would just soldier on and it was my hope that the mist would clear. It didn’t.
I’ll describe things further in another post.

New Blog – “First Light”

In the astronomical trade, “First Light” is a term used to describe the premier of the first fruits of a particular telescope or system’s operation.  The term has been hijacked by writers such as myself to apply also to the establishment of things of smaller import, in this case, my humble blog.

The Risky Undertaking is a blog focused on the areas of Risk Management, Privacy Issues and more recently, the whole question of Cyber Security.  Essentially it will be the voice of my personal consultancy practice and it will be the place where I hope to inform, promote, and also “sound off” on topics of interest in this area.

About myself:

My name is Richard and I am the owner / operator of this blog – –

I have worked in the IT and Security business areas for several decades.  The bulk of my work has been done in the Southwestern Ohio area, but I have traveled and worked at times elsewhere in the US.

My technical interests are diverse and they run the gamut from bread and butter security and compliance work on down to more concrete areas such as programming ARM based processors to do specific “gadget” tasks.

Besides my independent consulting work, I am also a Microsoft partner, a Cisco partner and a Symantec partner and as a result I am also able to sell their products to my clients (present and future).

I should also point out that my personal humor is somewhat dry, along the lines of the old Monty Python skits of the 1970’s, so I apologize in advance if that comes through in my posts.

Why should you come here?

In anticipation of this question, here are a few reasons:

  1. If you are looking for some alternative perspectives on security, cyber and risk topics.
  2. A “little guy’s” view of the industry as it relates to those areas of my interest.
  3. Views tempered by my long involvement with this industry.

I could probably think of a few more, but that should be sufficient for the moment.

Please stay with us in the weeks and years to come and hopefully I’ll occasionally provide you with some good “stuff”.